Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bollywolly caught my attention!!!!

Yes. Bollywood music isn't that bad either. I'm not going to write long descriptions about why I like a particular song here. I will just name a few songs I have liked in recent times. Just go ahead and try them. See if we hold the same opinion....

In no particular order, here are some songs you should listen to.

#1 Mahi -Rock with me(Raaz-2) I'm just crazy about this song
#2 Nayan Tarse (DevD) - I'm sure everyone has heard this sometime during last year's hostel nites....If you haven't then listen to it now!!!
#3 Sufi Tere Pyaar Mein (Jai Veeru) - Although the movie bombed this song is pretty good.
#4 Kuke kuke (Life Partner) - One word "Funny!!!!"
#5 Pehli Baar - Slow version (Kaminey)
#6 Ye Dooriyan (Love aaj Kal) - Again Mohit Chauhan magic takes over.
#7 Paayaliya (DevD)
#8 Haafiz Khuda/Kuchh Is tarah (8 x 10 Tasveer)
#9 Tennu Leke (Jai Veeru) - I still dunno why I like this song but here it is on the list.
#10 Ranjhana (DevD) - Short but pretty good.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Copying a Friend..... "My Unforgettables List - Instrumentals"

One of my earlier posts refers to this song that I just couldn't get my mind off. Well here is another list for those who dare (because I am talking about addiction).

A musical genius!!!???? Na. He just a guy like you and me. IITM alumnus (1999 batch i guess!). He came to study Nav Arch but decided to follow his heart to where the strings led him. If you still haven't guessed who it is, it is PRASANNA. He has created some really fantastic tunes and trust me you'll be wondering why you didn't discover these songs earlier. So go ahead try some of my favourite compositions. I have to thank saf for introducing me to these songs.

Peaceful - the cause: A tad slow but it will be the cause of peace in your world.
Peaceful - the effect: The peppy one.
Ragabop, Kalyani connection, takatakita, eruption in bangalore (awesome if you like heavy distortion guitar) and Snakebangers ball(Rocks!!!) among others are some you should not miss.

This is snakebanger's ball...

This is another suggestion from a friend "Dark Sundae in Triplicane"

As this is an instrumentals list I just have to mention this totally brilliant piece from the soundtrack of the movie "Requiem for a Dream"

The original theme of this movie is a brilliant violin piece by Clint Mansell, mixed with some bass giving an overall effect of looming darkness, as though trying to engulf you, pulling you away and keeping you rooted, portraying pain at the same time taking away your frustration. Simply put - Amazing

Oh although its not an instrumental piece completely "Shippin' up to Boston" by the Drop Kick Murphys is pretty good. When I first heard it in an ad I searched all over the net for that haunting bagpipe music.

Talking of bagpipes........ "No man's land" by Hevia is a must. Although other songs of this album are good, No man's land will be the first to capture your attention. I did capture mine.

That's all I can think of now...do let me know of other instrumentals that I might have missed. :)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

"Dekh ke mujhko haansta gaata...sadh gayi yeh duniya sadh gayi"

Well, The title is a line from a very peppy number of "Love Aaj Kal". But today I realised that when the girl sings this line she conveys a much deeper meaning than the obvious.

Tell me something...if you are a girl "How many times have you thought 'what will the others think?' before doing something?"
And if you are a guy "How many times have you commented behind a girl's back(especially a friend)?"

I wont get your answers so at least be true to yourself.

If you have observed the questions you would have understood what I'm trying to point out. This bloody world has always asked a girl to think before she acts; never a guy. Ever asked why? Or you thought it was way too convenient so dint bother to question it?

As a guy have you ever asked your mom to just be modest and not be too modern or hyper? Have you seen your dad do the same? Let me guess the answer is yes. And if its no, then probably your mom hasn't asked your suggestion as she already knows the answer.
As a girl also you would have done the same. But there is a difference.Why?

Frankly we live in a world full of MCPs. In our world its always about the male. And the image of an ideal female (girl daughter wife mother)has always been the meek, soft spoken, non-challenging person. In other words the "goody goody girl". But who decided this is what a good girl should be? You guessed it the bloody insecure males. Because they are so afraid that the lady will take over the reigns. Maybe all this is sounding very male bashy and done to death feminist speech like. So here is something that you can ask yourself and check the truth.

Every guy has his little kingdom, where he is respected and where he is valued. For example in college take the class you study in. All is well in the world because its a class full of guys, all are best buddies. Then two girls enter the same class and sit in the first bench. In the class one pretends as though she doesn't exist while the other interacts in class. Whom do you roll your eyes at? What do you call her? Showoff? Know it All?
They are new so after the class is over the active one approaches you for your help and asks you for your number. Do you hesitate? Or do you give yourself a mental hi-fi?
After she leaves do you tell your friends the truth or you just give them "that look" as though she was falling all over you?
She calls you first. Do you decide she is desperate? Do you go announce to your friends that she called you or ask them to come over and listen to your conversation?

In an informal gathering there are some inappropriate jokes cracked. The meek one shies away while the bold one just has a good laugh along with the others and forgets it. After the gathering when you are with your buddies what do you say about the bold one? That she was a sport? Or that she was being cheap and vulgar?

I'm sure all of you have gone through one of these situations. Just recall how you reacted then. Now tell me, what did she do wrong? Was she actually being cheap or just not fitting into this preconceived notion of the "good girl"? What was her mistake that made her the subject of your criticism? Who the hell are you to even judge her or criticize her? Do you fit into the ideal male, "good boy" category yourself? Are you wondering what in the world is that?

Even for the girls who haven't been the outgoing ones. How many times have you considered the bold girl as cheap and unfit to be one among you? Why? Was it actually her behavior that disgusted you? Was it the notion of "appropriate behavior" so deeply ingrained in you? Or was it plain jealousy that you couldn't do what she did?

I say she is not wrong at all. It is your mindset, a mindset as archaic and outdated as the evolution of this male chauvinistic society. So all I'm trying to say is next time you are about to say something or form an opinion about "that" girl think again to see if you are being led by an archaic train of thought. Because if you are then you are the misfit not she.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ever managed to sing the same song for more than an hour just because you wanted to learn all the nuances of the song?

Well, I just did that. An awesome song called "Can't Fight the Moonlight" by LeAnn Rimes. Heard it for the first time while I was watching one of my fav movies and was surprised I didn't spot it before. So I go out on this song hunt and found one of the best versions of it. I dont pose to be an expert in music but any lame guy would tell you its not an easy song to sing. Especially the way the pitch keeps changing in every other line... boy oh boy!!!! So although I might never get to sing it in public I decided to learn it just for the heck of it. Atleast it will tell me how far I have to go. Here is the song for you. Enjoy!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Ok. So I have been dragged into breaking my habit of plogging(poetic blogging) as I have been tagged. Well I would have ignored it but considering the fact that I'm as busy as a dead fish right now I decided to give it a shot. Besides it was books .....I can't pass on that.

Coming straight to the topic. Well must say I read my first novel in 10th standard and then it continued. I'm more of a fiction person. So my top 15 books (in no particular order)

Harry Potter series: Well, HP and sorcerer's stone was the first novel I ever managed to read...more like devour. I wasn't a book person but an old friend of mine practically thrust it into my hand so I read it. And boy, till day I thank her for letting me in on that magical world. And don't roll ur eyes at me. I am a kid. :)

Anne of the Island: Actually the whole series of Anne's journey through life from green gables to marrying the guy who called her carrots in schools thanks to her red hair. Awesomely sweet. Boys keep off. Its a girls thing.

M & B's: My hostel nite vdo says it all. I am a huge fan of M &B's. Come on its not every day that you find a very sweet lovestory where the guy and girl finally have to meet. :P Life isn't that sweet people. You might as well live it in a book.

The prophecies of Notre Dame: It kinda caught on with me after 9/11. But I must say it is quite fascinating to read all those predictions he made years ago. Makes actually wonder and believe that prophacies do come true.

Angels & Demons: Phew! That's the only word. Shear brilliance in the narrative. Its one of the major reasons why I will go to Europe (which I will). Follow the path of illumination. ;)

Da Vinci Code: Continuing in the same breath. Although I read this first, Angels &Demons is way better. But no denying the fact that after this book all of us did take a peak at the last supper painting. I even had a calendar print of Monalisa framed and hung in my room. Coming from a missionary school boy do I look out for all the subtle signs in every church I visit.

How to Read a Person Like a Book: Don't worry I never mastered it completely. Its a generalisation of body language and certain gestures used by people which convey their true emotions. Now you dont want to be caught sending out a wrong signal to someone important right?

Gossip Girl (Yes! the book): Although the series is amazing you cant deny that reading a book is a completely different experience. Cant say it tops the list but yeah it is somewhere there.

Best Laid Plans (Sidney Sheldon): Quite a gripping novel. I couldn't imagine myself finishing it in a matter of 2 days considering I'm a very very slow reader. The tale of how a woman achieves the unthinkable just driven by vengeance. Although the story proceeds beautifully with a murder and all the end kinda falls a little short of expectations. All in all a very good read.

Blood Line (Sidney Sheldon): Pharmaceutical Industry, young heiress,blood-thirsty dealers, money hungry relatives, one childhood fantasy man - to trust him or not to. That about says it all. I remember it as the novel that saved me on a 48hr long train.

Short Sayings by Vivekananda: Just plain and simple - totally inspiring. After reading these u just want to get up and go grab that world by its collar. See if you can get it the next time u see a ramakrishna mission store. They are practical to the core.

Reader's Digest: The age old series of magazines. A habit inculcated by my parents actually. Every issues I would wait to read the cover stories. There was one in particular called "Lost in the Sea"- a true story about a woman who went fishing with her son into the sea and was hit by an unexpected storm. How she managed to save her son, swim some ridiculous distances and lived to tell the tale formed the rest of the story. I taught me one thing, that story, Perseverance.

Well next up the best of the best. My top Three books (Drum Roll!!!). I can never put them as #1 #2 and #3 but these three books are something I manage to suggest to anyone and everyone who would listen.

a. A Thousand Splendid Suns: This book by Khaled Hosseini follows the life of two Afghan women through very dark times. Well before u cast it off as an emotional tale, it narrates beautifully the political situations that lead to the taliban take over and tell me if u dont have goose bumps when u read about how the women were treated during taliban rule in Afghanistan. Be it the time when one woman loses her family and love all in a blink of an eye or the time when the two women manage to escape from home, without a man, only to be caught. I just cant imagine what they would have gone through. And by the time you reach the end of this book you will feel as though u have lived the entire story. I have the movie playing in my mind even when I write this. A must must read.

b. Pride & Prejudice: Yeah Yeah! We've heard it and seen it alright. But you havent read it then u surely missed something. The peppy dialogue between Lizzy and Darcy or the moment truth dawns upon Lizzy or when proud Darcy amazes Lizzy by "being able to insult her and express his love for her all at the same time". Truly a classy classic that deserved every bit of acclaim it got. It was my second novel.

c. The Godfather: Last but not the least.....The book about a man who "makes u an offer u cannot refuse". Don Vito Corleone and his offspring. Really, everyone knows the story but if u watched the movie first then man u've ruined ur experience of the book. I was so fascinated by the intricate ways of the mafia or more like the sheer power they wield, that I used to wish I could be transplanted into the story as, if not Michael Corleone himself, atleast his gun man(gun woman?). Simply Superb!!!

So hope u liked my list and if u havent tried any of my top three books I urge u to read them right away.

I don't have as many as 15 friends who blog so I'll just pass it on to a few people namely Sravanti, Kartik, Mayank, Debanjan and Apurv. And thanks to Shruti, who tagged me, I got to relive my best books.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

There's a wound that's always bleeding, There's a road I'm always walking.....And I know We'll never return to this place........

Just that there are some things about which you can never say " Its ok, let's move on"

I dunno where it went,
I dunno where to go

To seek it and find it
Or just look no more

Sometimes it scares me
Sometimes I'm in tears

But the question never leaves me
Haunts me, biggest of fears

Where did I go wrong
What did I mess up

Did I do it at all
Or was it just a mix up

Hate this feeling sitting here
Hate to think of the past

But cant hate anything
more than I do myself to the last

Right now I'm confused
Right now I know I am a reason

Right now I could cause to break
A friendship that's seen a bad season

I hate being an outcast like this
What have I done to be shut out

Have I not been there enough
Enough to be trusted w/o doubt

Then why do I feel unwelcome
Then Why do I feel I have betrayed

Then Why do I feel I misguide
I always have let ppl be strayed

I don't deserve to be a friend
I don't deserve the care I get

I dont deserve any respect
I should die alone to pay the debt.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Metaphors people use......simple and subtle or in the face ...... they help bring things into perspective.....help to break down life into smaller blocks....smaller is easier to understand.

Call life a jar.....then golf balls, goals would be
worries, as pebbles and sand,you see
Let wine take the role of society

Let an empty jar fill with wine
there is no place for your golf balls or mine
What a waste of a life so fine

What if the wine has filled the jar
you cant get rid of any so far
just drop in your golf balls to spill it over the bar

Let pebbles and sand fill all
You'll be walking on the edge waiting to fall
so burdened you can never stand up tall

So fill ur golf balls and
they'll fall in place , pebbles and sand
let some wine slip in to give you a hand

Monday, February 09, 2009

The more you try... the farther it goes
Frustrating you may think....
But something like that is happeneing...
God knows what I can do to set it right
Doesn't seem like I have been a good girl
Or I have been exceptionally good
So he gives me more than what i ask for
I try to help to lessen the pain...
What to do I am no good...
I dont know if the pain will go
if I'm there or if I leave....
Either ways it isn't any better.
Well is it worse one way atleast?
I don't know even that....
Must be the worst helper ever..
Dunno what to do...what to say
One moment for a lifetime....
One life destroyed...one life restored...
To speak out or not....sleepless nights
For all of which I am responsible...
But probably not guilty
Memories and dreams... or
Life and reality... which is easier
Which is tougher... is it ever easy?

Monday, January 05, 2009

And I don't want the world to see me,
'Cause I don't think that they'd understand,
When everything's meant to be broken.........

What's the point if everything was meant to be broken....... I believed it could be different but again I've been proven wrong.

Every time I dare to dream...
A dream? Damn it was true
I lived what I cherished....but
It had to be broken... thats my cue

To act my part...to smile the goodbyes
Well so be it ....whats gone is gone
When will I finally let go of it?
The answer will soon, upon me, dawn.

This I hope, coz I stopped wishing,
This I ask, coz I never will dream,
To speak out, I must and will learn
But sometimes I'm unheard when I scream.

And yet sometimes there are things
Which even spoken aloud, are ignored.
Things which are better left alone
But things which have to be poured.

So good friend time has a way to handle
All things that go awry and bad.
Anger may need to be taken care of
All to save today, to be more glad.

Time.......... I'm waiting..........