Saturday, September 02, 2006

One day of my life...!!!

I woke up to the breeze, cool and light,
Never knew what surprises were in store for me on this day,bright.
I said "Good Morning!" to my reflection and saw a smile,
Didn't know i would be smiling harder in a while.
I started my day, hoping everything would be fine,
Man!! It turned out to be better than any imagination of mine.
I stole a gaze at the stars, as I rode along,
They seemed like a protection, like a phoenix song.
The hunter shined above, in the middle of the night,
While the waiting began to see that breath taking sight.
The mischief king put on his mask,
He rolled up his sleeves and took on the task.
The sky filled with the first rays of the Sun,
Oh! Chasing those waves back and forth was so much fun.
And then he rose slowly, changing from red to yellow,
Leaving everything he touched peaceful and mellow.
It was the perfect beginning to a day,
Where all things just fell in place and what else can I say.

Friday, September 01, 2006

A friend of mine made me read a poem which inspired me and made me think....
It was so true and in front of my eyes,yet it took me so long to realise that life was calling......and where was I?

This is what I would call 'Coming back to life....!'

My life was what I had made it, a mess,
For i could see nothing but the sorrow and stress.
Somewhere down the road, I had lost my way,
Somehow I forgot to appreciate the singing birds and the enjoy flowers sway.
Now everytime I think of it, gives me a jitter,
How strange it is, for the only taste of life i perceived was bitter.
A mistake, I seemed to be making,
Every night I wished to sleep forever, without waking.
Am I so bad, I always thought,
A feeling of guilt i always fought.
People around me seemed worried,
The more they coaxed, the farther, from truth I scurried.
But oneday I stopped and turned,
Only to realise, this exile was imposed and not earned.
Things became clear and shined in a new light,
My life had seen dawn after a long night.
I wondered, 'Bitter!!!?? Was that me?',
The one, who for some fun, wouldn't mind scraping a knee.
I realised I was being stupid and dumb,
I was so 'not me',so lifeless and numb.
In life, planning and expectations, there will be some,
But I decided 'lets stop being disappointed and take things as they come'.
I came back to life, oh yes I did,
My life stood beside me and waited patiently, as I made my bid.
Still somewhere in the dark are lurking the ghosts of my past,
But now they dont bother me, for my sunshine is here to last.