Monday, July 28, 2008

Ok ... Think happy huh.....?

I'm confused....again i read a blog. Wow man....whats happening in life....senior batch at college....loads of work and tension mounting. Ever got the thought.... "Am I good enough?".... Its been haunting me for quite a long time now.

Am I good enough?, I wonder now
Wonder if I will ever be ready
Make it to the top, how how how?
This tottering pile isn't enough, steady
Nervous so much on the inside
Trying so hard to keep my face
Looking through closed eyes open wide
I'm trying to find that trace
I can't be the only one? Can I?
So worried I could be sick
Why cant I, this feeling, defy
Get out and do the trick.
Why not be the one you are?
Who am I?, I enquire about
The people who think they know me by far
If they knew me they'd stand in doubt.
Am I wrong? Or are they?
I dunno where I stand
Do I know me or do they?
Well I'll leave it to time and.....