Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Metaphors people use......simple and subtle or in the face ...... they help bring things into to break down life into smaller blocks....smaller is easier to understand.

Call life a jar.....then golf balls, goals would be
worries, as pebbles and sand,you see
Let wine take the role of society

Let an empty jar fill with wine
there is no place for your golf balls or mine
What a waste of a life so fine

What if the wine has filled the jar
you cant get rid of any so far
just drop in your golf balls to spill it over the bar

Let pebbles and sand fill all
You'll be walking on the edge waiting to fall
so burdened you can never stand up tall

So fill ur golf balls and
they'll fall in place , pebbles and sand
let some wine slip in to give you a hand