Friday, December 21, 2007

Its been almost a Year ....Wow!!!!! one whole year.....But it dint seem that long....
Why?.......wish I knew
How?.....wish I could say.....

She lost her alcazar to this enemy called 'Friend'......
How was she to know that this was eventually, an enemy, to become
A cherished time, with this friend, she did spend.......
The memories have now been burnt, killing all but some
Why did my life flip 180 in a few days?
Turning confidantes into foes?
For now, the world did, it seems, arraign her
But not one of those 'friends', did behold her woes
She screamed her honesty, her probity.....
All fell on, but deaf ears.
Her own, she thought who were, did not reach out.....
Did attaint her, than wipe her tears.
And when she thought in her despair......
Never again, will another I trust
A rampart to her thought, she found......
Coercing it, think again you must
Turning away she looked into a fog, a never ending mist.....
With shadows of accusations, with echoes of censure
A closer look and she saw, some hands lifted to point.....
But a couple more to comfort and embrace her
Glad, she was, to be looked at not vehemently.....
But also, for once, heard and understood
She seeked a comfort in the gaze, a solace in that embrace......
Even so, to her new foes, be unwelcome, this would
Now still she is attainted and disgraced.....
But, with this support, is stronger to face
The winds, so cold and yet so searing.....
Blown by a 'Friend'...... the word only fetches a grimace
This support.....should I call them 'Friends'?
The word has lost its meaning, the trust and charm
Still....Why do they feel so dependable......
They I feel, but know not why, mean no harm.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

As i sit down to write something new....i just think about friends...and how lost i would be without them.

Frankly i lost in everything trivial and everything that was nothing.To think of it

She was living but in a fortress,
Never knowing she was under constant stress.
Trying to prove everyone,
The worth of what she had done.
Staying in her fortress, in her shell,
Sometimes she used to dwell.
'Are all my inmates loyal?
Or do they praise me, for i am royal?'
She fooled herself into believing,
Its not a duty they are relieving.
Thus she lived, for years to come,
Remembering some forgetting some.
And then one day,upon her, it dawned,
She was all alone in this fortress,with its piers and pond.
What good sun,what bright light,did bring upon her,
You wonder, a revealation, a truth, for years, she did not see.
And then like a huge rock it hit,
That she knew not,who the word 'friend',fit.
Her world just reeled to a stop,
Someone had apparated inside her fort with a 'pop'.
And as though a spell had been put,
Her fortress withered away in a second,from head to foot.
Like a cocoon burst open, The butterfly flew,
Seeing and showing,everything she could and knew.
But then she stopped to look, the intruder she had feared,
With trepidation and doubt, even to battle she geared.
Alas!Her defences failed against the beauty at the opposite end,
And she atlast lost her alcazar to this beauty called 'Friend'.