Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Vivace of life....
Wondering what that means.....?
I think it is most befitting to call life a vivace for it is nothing but a piece of music to be played in a quick and lively way....

All of us have asked ourselves a question at some point of our lives...."Why Me?"
I dont pretend i have an answer, for i myself have asked that question...and then when i think again....there is no answer but one..."Why Not?"
Every little incident teaches u....every little experience enlightens u. And at the end of it all, how does the question help u? It is the experience that helps u,takes u through ur life.

In life learn to follow your dreams,
Taste all the sweet nectar and creams.
Worth is that life u live,
When u learn to give.
Help those who need u and think not twice,
But i dont say dont be prudent and wise.
You will meet people and friends you will make,
They will help u give a performance in life's single take.
You might bump into love on your way,
Make sure you persuade it to stay.
For once you let it go even an inch past you,
Though your heart bleeds, words to speak, you will have few.
Left behind will be so many shattered dreams,
That you will hear nothing but their cries and screams.
In the end you would want to call it a day,
And,that person would come to see you once ,you hope and pray.
But whatever might happen, life ends here and starts elsewhere,
So before the vivace ends, sometime u might want to spare.