Saturday, November 29, 2008

Taste with eyes.... a term I read somewhere....
Eyes were meant to see and tongues were meant to taste....
But I suppose I'm wrong...coz everyone there
Seems to appreciate that it is .....called "taste"

Head is splitting while I try to figure out,
How could I be wrong for saying,
"A spade is a spade"- without a doubt,
Everytime I was right, my mind is saying.

Cause and effect - thats logical,
But a blast without any agitation?
Thats surprising-disorder without a radical
like cure without medication.

I talk in cryptics - thats the order of the day,
When what u say is twisted beyond recognition,
You wish you had that one friend if u may,
The one who wrote the screenplay and gave direction.
Climbing out but trampled on,
Cut me up in pieces,
Punish me for what I was made,
Make me hate this very breath,
This beauty of my life has been turned upside down,
By one mistake I made ages ago,
I was not wrong in being born,
Then why am I being punished for being me,
Wish to end this strife,
But seems like it will end with this life,
So whats my mistake?
Not conforming to someone else's picture of who I should be?
For being the me who could prove "him" and his ego wrong?
Climbing walls in an endless circle.....
Screaming out till my blood curdles.....
Punishing myself to lessen others pain.......
And still they wish to suck the life out of me.....
Guess what?...... they just succeeded!!!