Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bollywolly caught my attention!!!!

Yes. Bollywood music isn't that bad either. I'm not going to write long descriptions about why I like a particular song here. I will just name a few songs I have liked in recent times. Just go ahead and try them. See if we hold the same opinion....

In no particular order, here are some songs you should listen to.

#1 Mahi -Rock with me(Raaz-2) I'm just crazy about this song
#2 Nayan Tarse (DevD) - I'm sure everyone has heard this sometime during last year's hostel nites....If you haven't then listen to it now!!!
#3 Sufi Tere Pyaar Mein (Jai Veeru) - Although the movie bombed this song is pretty good.
#4 Kuke kuke (Life Partner) - One word "Funny!!!!"
#5 Pehli Baar - Slow version (Kaminey)
#6 Ye Dooriyan (Love aaj Kal) - Again Mohit Chauhan magic takes over.
#7 Paayaliya (DevD)
#8 Haafiz Khuda/Kuchh Is tarah (8 x 10 Tasveer)
#9 Tennu Leke (Jai Veeru) - I still dunno why I like this song but here it is on the list.
#10 Ranjhana (DevD) - Short but pretty good.

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Apurv said...

I hope the list is not exhaustive because sadly, 'Tune jo na kaha' couldn't find a place there! Or is it?