Friday, March 26, 2010

Hey Mr. Hypocrite....

What they say is true
If you laugh, you have to cry,
Wounds, sometimes, stay afresh
No matter how hard you try.

But, today I'll tell you a story
About a boy, in love he was
This ain't your normal story
Behold, it defies all the laws

He professed his love for a maiden
This boy, he vouched that he'd die
If she ever left him alone
And that isn't something, about, you lie

So She believed him, but was bound
Away she was pulled, by those hefty chains
She fought back, she cared for his life
A friend whose, she wanted to, wipe away pains

An Angel, he had said she was
She felt guilty, for never could she ever be
Anything more than the friend she was
"Then", he said,"It's OK, Just stay with me."

But little did this femme de l'ignorance know
His true name was Mr. Hypocrite
The one who would seek her out
Only to slay her when he see fit.

I dare misquote a famous line, to say
"I'm here to bury Caesar, not praise him"
For that is what she decided to do
But he pleaded, "Sans vous, my life is grim"

The audacity of this boy was such
Her forgiveness, he would beg, that is
Then mock her back, once she turned
To be the hero parmi ses amis

So what should she call, Harvey or Two-Face,
This boy, who claims, it was he who created
The mess, that his life is known as today
De sympathie, for he is Lord Narcissus reincarnated


avinash said...


Sirisha Kurada said...

Just something on my mind..........Experiences collected from a friend....Thought I might as well pen it down

Shruti said...

Amazing :). I had read somewhere, poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful emotions...amazing.. no other word for it!

djranga said...

" Lord Narcissus reincarnated " - nice :)

Satish Mantha said...

and pen you did to perfection. :-)

Sirisha Kurada said...

Thank You!! :)