Saturday, March 13, 2010

Born and Dead 14th, March

This morning at around 0100 hrs a person died. His body has been sent for autopsy although it has been said that he died of a Heart Attack. He turned 20 today. There are a lot of things that we have to learn from the reasons for his death.

Its 0000 hrs of 14th,March 2010. The teenager is brought out of his room by his friends to celebrate his birthday. In the usual style they want to make him cry just the way he did when he was born. So they bump him, then hug him and wish him a very happy and long life. An hour later the freshly not a teenager dies.

The boy goes to his room after celebrations and tries to mend his back coz it hurts from the infinite bumps he got. While he is lying there he finds it hard to breathe.....a hand constricting his heart not letting it do its job......he feels like his clothes are too tight and the fan can't blow enough air. He is drenched in sweat. He realises something is wrong and manages to call for help. His friends come to his room and see him lying on the bed struggling for every breath he takes. But they can only stand and watch ....... some didn't know even the symptoms of a heart attack.......while the some who knew didn't know CPR or any form of first aid.

In a panic they call the closest hospital requesting an ambulance stat. The bored and half asleep clerk at the hospital desk considers the situation and decides it isn't very he takes his sweet time to wake up the ambulance driver and finally send him to the scene. It took the ambulance 30 minutes to arrive at the scene which was hardly 2 kms away. All the while the boy was struggling for breath, hoping that help would arrive soon, wishing he could change so many things he did, wishing he could see his mom and dad one more time..........and then the calm......the bliss of not feeling anything..........the pain is gone ........and so are the memories.......

The ambulance finally arrives and the unconscious boy is taken to the hospital. On arrival there he is declared dead. The preliminary report suggests he died of a heart attack caused by severe physical trauma. To better ascertain the cause of death the body is sent for autopsy.

So why did this boy die???

Was it because the driver was too slow in driving?

Was it because the clerk was too sleepy or too unconcerned??

Was it because the friends couldn't recognize a heart attack or couldn't administer the proper first aid???


Was it because they decided that the boy deserved some physical trauma on his birthday??

And whatever the cause maybe, what of the boy's parents who were hoping to call him in the morning to wish him a happy proud that their son turned 20 today, on his way to success, studying in one of the most prestigious institutions of India.......What of them???


aniket said...

What is this???

Sayan said...

very very tragic.

avinash said...

sad...and who is this ..did this happen in insti somewhere???

RUDE NAIK said...


Sirisha Kurada said...

Yup this guy was a chem 3rd year Raghavendra (aka Curd)

Ashtung said...

Physical trauma? Didnt know bumps could kill a boy all of 20.

What of his friends who will have to live with the guilt for the rest of their lives, even if that wasn't the reason...

Sirisha Kurada said...

True.... Unfortunately they will never know if they were responsible and they will never be free of the guilt.