Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cars to Come - India Auto Expo 2010

A glimpse of some of the promised cars at the India Auto Expo 2010. Actually some very talked about cars and some old cars that wont leave your mind!!!

Chevy beat - sleek two door - 4 seater

Naah!!! It has 4 doors....... see if you can locate the rear door handle!!!




Give up??!!

Chevy Volt (Apparently electric car) - to be launched soon

Sleek Huh!!

Talking of Sleek - Check Out the new Renault Fluence

Up Next is Tata Aria

Didn't think Tata could make them like this!!!

And then there is always the weird cars segment - with everyone planning to look different the shapes seem to get more weird with time. For example look at some of these really weird looking "cars"

Some of these are old but hey what the hell - they still look weird!

Reva NXG

Renault Zoe

What is this the golf ball car???? - Renault Twizy - completely electric - two seater with square tyres!!!! (or atleast they look that way)

The best for the last - nicknamed as the flying foetus this is one weird car - I'm not sure i'd even call the Peugeot BB1 a car :P - take a look!!

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